Connacht province map – Road map with towns

Sligo, Connacht, Ireland

Roscommon, Connacht, Ireland

Leitrim, Connacht, Ireland

Galway, Connacht, Ireland

Connacht is one of the four traditional provinces of Ireland. The province got its name from the Connacht, a medieval ruling dynasty. It is located on the west of the island and consists of five counties. Connacht covers an area of 17,788 km2, and has a population of around 550 thousand, making it both the smallest and least populated province of Ireland. However, before the great famine in the 1840s, the province had a population of over 1.4 million.

The most spoken language is English, but because the region was least affected by British cultural imperialism, the province now has more Irish speakers than its neighbours. Almost 40% of the population consider themselves to be Irish speakers, and several areas in the province have Irish as the main language. The largest city in Connacht is Galway. Connacht boasts beautiful natural landscapes, old buildings as well as quaint little towns.

Connacht Ireland